Zombies with Bazookas press release


Press release

StinkyPig Games have released their latest game, Zombies with Bazookas, on Google Play for Android and the App Store for ios.

Zombies with Bazookas is designed to be fun and easy to pick up and play. The game is aimed at the casual market; an ideal vehicle passenger journey, waiting room, bathroom time, etc time killer. The game is free (although you can pay to remove adverts for 69p/$0.99).


iOS:  Zombies with Bazookas on The App Store

ANDROID: Zombies with Bazookas on Google Play

Game Blurb:

Rescue citizens from a zombie infested city. Fly your helicopter, rescue survivors, don’t run out of fuel, and don’t do anything daft like pick up a zombie in your helicopter (zombies are kind of bitey and might eat you).
Oh yeah, some zombies have bazookas.

Web Site: Zombies with Bazookas on the web

Facebook: Zombies with Bazookas on Facebook

Twitter: @StinkyPigGames

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Michael Smith
Email: mike@stinkypig.com